Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot weather for back to school

The spectacular full Sturgeon moon last evening. This was also known as a blue moon, the first in three years. A blue moon is a second full moon in less than a month. Find more information HERE.
While many Quebec kids are getting ready to head back to school next week, the weather has finally turned more summer like. Temperatures have returned to near 30C in southern Ontario and Quebec, with increasing humidity expected today. Forecast highs of 29 to 32C (85-90F) are expected across the region. A cold front is entering central northeast Ontario and far northwest Quebec today with showers and some strong thunderstorms. That front will settle across southern Ontario and Quebec by Thursday afternoon. Look for sunshine today and early Thursday in Montreal before clouds increase with showers arriving by early afternoon. Severe weather is unlikely but a few of the storms may be strong with hail, gusty winds and heavy rain by Thursday afternoon. Behind the front temperatures will cool for Friday to normal values of 23C with the air drying out. The weekend looks fair and mild with normal highs around 24C and lows around 14C.

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