Tuesday, June 05, 2012

June snow on Mt Washington

From the Mount Washington Observatory website, a photo of the crew building a June snowman on Monday. Below is my photo from last Sunday, taken on the same observatory deck, showing just how variable the weather can be on the summit.
A combination of an upper level low over the Great Lakes and a slow moving low off the New England coast, is keeping clouds, cool and showery weather over the region. The sun did peak out late yesterday afternoon in Montreal, and managed to push the temperature to 16C. We are close to that this morning as we start the day off partly sunny with a temperature at 17C here on L'Ile Perrot. The weather will remain unsettled into Friday with a smattering of sunshine, but also some pop up showers and maybe even a thunderstorm by Thursday. High pressure will then arrive by the weekend with a much warmer and gradually humid air mass. High temperature will approach 30C by late in the weekend or Monday.

Mount Washington observatory deck on Sunday, May 27. (ValleyWX Pic)
Mount Washington: What a difference a week can make or for that matter even a few hours on the summit of Mount Washington. Last Sunday, as regular readers know, I went to the top of New England's highest peak on what was an exceptional day with unlimited visibility, mild temperatures (49F) and light winds (35mph, light for Mount Washington). The day was near perfect for a visit. Yesterday however was a little different. As the observer described it in the briefing on the Mt Washington weather page, " expect to be met with FULL-ON WINTERTIME CONDITIONS above tree line," concluding with, "DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE MONTH OF JUNE ON MOUNT WASHINGTON." This was the case on Monday as that same coastal low affecting us pumped in cool, moist maritime air allowing for rime ice, fog and snow on the summit. On Monday snow accumulated several inches along with brisk winds at times over 50mph causing blowing snow and temperatures below freezing most of the time. Today will be just a tad milder but with more snow and ice and even a rumble of thunder. Use the link on the right hand side of this page to access their awesome website with web cams, photos and data.

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