Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up to 25 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Debby

A tornado spun off by Debby moves across the Florida Gulf Coast.

Back to work after a decant long weekend here in Quebec with sunshine and warm weather Saturday and Sunday giving way to showers and humid conditions on Monday. An upper level low spinning over upstate New York has been the focus of numerous showers and thunderstorms over the last 24 hours, some producing very heavy rain locally. The same will occur today with the axis of precipitation slipping slightly east of Montreal and Lake Champlain. Look for a few sunny breaks today but otherwise lost of clouds and perhaps a rumble of thunder. Temperatures will be below normal, perhaps hitting 20C if we receive a break or two of sunshine.
Point taken. (AP Photo)
Tropical Storm Debby
The moist air is being fed by a deep plume of tropical moisture that extends all the way down to tropical storm Debby in the Gulf of Mexico. Debby is nearly stationary off the Florida coast drifting east at 3mph. The storm has been pounding the coast all weekend with a 3 to 5 foot storm surge and up to 8 inches of rain. Nearly 2 feet of rain could fall by Friday as the system slowly crosses northern Florida and emerges in the Atlantic Ocean. Winds are at 45 mph and several tornadoes have been spun off by the storm. Two fatalities were reported and power is out to over 35,000 homes. Coastal flooding has closed some highways and heavy rain is producing inland floods.

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