Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer arrives today

High Heat & Humidity Warning

The summer solstice takes place at 7:09pm today in Montreal, with 15 hours and 41 minutes of daylight, so it is fitting that most of the region is under a high heat and humidity warning. Temperatures have already reached 26C here on L'Ile Perrot making it the warmest morning of the year so far. Factor in the humidity and you are already looking at real feel temperatures in the low 30's. That will only worsen today as the mercury creeps up to 32C to 37C (90 to 100F) across the southern portions of Ontario, Quebec and into New England and the Eastern Seaboard. The official high for Montreal is forecast to be 32C (90F). Depending on cloud cover and the arrival of air mass thunderstorms, we may or may not get warmer. In any event the humidex readings will be high all day reaching values between 35 and 40C making it feel rather uncomfortable for outdoor activities. Air quality will be poor in major metro areas such as Montreal, Toronto, New York and Washington. It will be even warmer on Thursday creeping into the 34C range here in metro Montreal. Any showers and storms that do occur will bring only slight relief and will actually elevate the humidity. It will be very warm and muggy overnight with lows only dropping to 23C. A cold front will usher in more seasonable and less humid air by Friday.

Summer arrives in Hampton Beach, NH and everywhere today. (ValleyWX Pic)
Heat Advisories & Warnings mean that the combination of high heat and humidity will make any outdoor activities quite dangerous if not deadly. Poor air quality especially affects those with respiratory illness. You are advised to remain in shady areas today, drink lots of liquids and take A/C breaks as needed. Pay attention to the very old and young and please remember your pets. NO time in a car is alone is appropriate for a dog in this kind of weather, I can't stress that enough.

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KIM said...

Add to this cold wind chills and the weather actually feels colder than the already below freezing temperatures in too many places to list here.

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