Friday, October 15, 2010

Windy wet and white day

A classic comma shape of today's Nor'Easter off the New England Coast. The cold front trails south to the Bahamas with the heaviest precipitation and winds on the north and west side of the storm over Quebec and New England and into Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. (NOAA Image)

Strong low pressure continues to deepen this morning southwest of Cape Cod. The storm with a current pressure of 992mb will lift north across Maine and into Atlantic Canada this evening. Steady moderate rain is falling in the St. Lawrence Valley of Quebec and south and east into New York and New England. The heaviest rain will fall along the US border where rainfall warnings are in place for up to 60mm (closer to 40mm is expected in Montreal). In New England and eastern New York flood watches have been posted for 1-3 inches of rain by Saturday morning. The rain will be very heavy at times with ponding on roadways and reduced visibilities. Another component of this storm will be strong winds developing by midday today. The winds will be out of the north from 40-60km/h in Montreal and 60-90km/h across Quebec City and south in New England. Wind warnings are in effect for those regions. Eastern Ontario will remain on the western edge of the storm with lighter winds and precipitation.

All regions will be chilly today with high temperatures having already been reached in many locations this morning. The mercury will fall from 9 or 10C towards the 5 to 7C mark later today. Regions north of Quebec City will see the rain change to snow tonight with several centimetres expected. The same will hold true for the highest elevations of the Adirondacks and Green Mountains. Saturday will be breezy and chilly with showers before skies clear out on Sunday.

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