Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One more sunny day

Just a quick note this morning on that amazing rescue operation taking place in Chile. 33 miners have been trapped for 69 days and are slowly being rescued from the San Jose mine, one at a time today. It is amazing to watch unfold on CNN. All the best to the miners, their families and the rescuers for their incredible courage, determination and faith. The weather today in Copiapo, Chile could not be better, it will be sunny and 21C, after cool overnight lows of 8C in the desert climate.

It is another frosty morning in southern Quebec. Outside of metro Montreal temperatures were very close to the freezing point with widespread frost in most regions. Ile Perrot was down to 1C again this morning with the ground white and the car windows iced up. It was a different story on the island of Montreal, as temperatures remained well above freezing. The high pressure that has dominated our weather for several days now will give us one more sun filled day with mild temperatures reaching 14C. Low pressure is expected to develop along the middle Atlantic coast and move north into southern New England. Showers will develop on Thursday and that will become a steady rain into Friday and perhaps Saturday. Winds will increase out of the north at over 50km/h at times and it will be very chilly to end the week. It appears that a general rainfall of 25-50mm can be expected in the St. Lawrence Valley and New England. As the storm pulls away to the north and east, colder air will wrap behind the system and change rain to snow across the upper elevations of the Townships and New England mountains as well as the Adirondacks on Saturday. Skies should clear by Sunday with temperatures remaining chilly.

Tropical Update: Hurricane Paula reached category 2 strength overnight as the system slowly steered through the Yucatan Channel. The compact storm is prompting hurricane warnings for the Cuban and Yucatan coasts. Heavy rain and pounding surf will be the main threats today. Paula is expected to curve northeast into Cuba by this evening. The northern fringe of the storm will produce gusty winds, showers and a rising surf in the Florida Keys over the next 24 hours. The system should slowly weaken over the next few days over the interior of Cuba.
Above: The small centre of Paula moving between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and western Cuba this morning

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