Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More snow for Calgary

The latest spring snowstorm is sweeping across the northern Rockies with heavy snow across southern Alberta and extreme southwest Saskatchewan. Winter storm warnings are in effect with 10-15cm of wet snow forecast from the foothills southeast into the Cypress Hills. Winds are a big problem with this system and have been gusting over 100km/h in Alberta, Montana and the Dakotas. A gust to 106km/h was reported this morning at Bassano in Alberta and 85km/h at Calgary.

On the east side of the storm more warm and muggy air will feed thunderstorms across the Midwest. In our region another cold front is producing showers and thunderstorms today with the biggest threat being heavy downpours and perhaps small hail. A gusty storm went through the Montreal region at around 7am this morning with strong winds.

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