Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello from Maryland

Well I am finally into the 21st century and blogging on a new laptop on the road. I am in Pocomoke City on Maryland's eastern shore for the night as I head south to North Carolina and Hatteras Island for some much needed R & R and to re-energize. I drove a little over 1000 kilometres today under sunny skies and quite warm temperatures once we drove into Delaware and Maryland.

Last night a gusty potent little thunderstorm went through Montreal at midnight with lots of thunder and vivid lightning and about 7mm of rain. This morning winds were gusty and it was quite chilly when I left at 5am. Today while driving in sunshine and increasingly warmer temperatures it was about 17C in Montreal. By the way on a non-weather rant, I can't believe how much fun it is to drive in New Jersey. It is probably the only place where a Quebec driver going 75mph can be passed by everyone other car. Crazy!

Anyway I hope to post some pictures over the next week or so, once I get a USB cord for the digital. In the meantime be good and enjoy the increasing sunshine and warmth in Montreal as I head towards the May long weekend.

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