Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year....

Snow and more snow! It is no surprise that the month of December will end with a flurry, pardon the term; of snow. The month has seen record snowfall totals for many cities in the east including Ottawa and Montreal - records that were established during the fierce winters of the early 1970's. Ottawa has recorded over 110cm of snow with another 18 hours or so to go.

On that note, Winter Storm Watches and Special Weather Statements have been posted for the region. This mornings snow will taper off shortly after depositing around 5-8cm on the area. A more potent storm is expected to cross the lower lakes tonight and redevelop along the New England Coast Tuesday. Snow at times heavy will develop across all regions tonight and end late Tuesday. A good 10-15cm is forecast with a possibility of more south of the area into New York. Windy weather will cause blowing snow and usher in frigid temperatures by Wednesday morning. The watches may be upgraded to warnings so check the links at the left often today and listen to local radio or TV if you are planning to travel tonight or Tuesday.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Parade of Storms
to our east

Happy New Year....

A steady supply of winter storms will continue to affect the east coast of Canada and the US with heavy precipitation. Some parts of Newfoundland will have close to 100cm by Wednesday night. Kemptville and the St. Lawrence Valley will remain on the western edge of the storm track with 10-15cm expected in two shots between tonight and New Years night Tuesday. The first shot of snow will develop tonight and taper to flurries before noon Monday. The second batch will start early Tuesday and taper to flurries late in the day.

Snow Advisories have been posted for New England and New York, but our snow totals should remain below warning criteria. Temperatures will turn much colder from the middle to late part of the week. The cold will be short lived but I will save that news for another post.

The important thing to remember when travelling the next several days will be the very changeable weather. Expect snow covered roads and some reduced visibility in heavier bursts of snow, especially along the 401 and southeast into the US.

Friday, December 28, 2007

More snow tonight

Another round of steady wet snow and rain is on tap for Friday night across Ontario and into western Quebec. The snow should begin in eastern Ontario late today and dump between 5-15cm. The heavier amounts will occur across higher elevations and towards the Ottawa Valley. Low pressure is expected to slide from the lower Mississippi Valley into the Great Lakes and eventually Quebec by noon Saturday. Last nights storm put down between 5-10cm of snow on the region.

The precipitation will be followed by a mild Saturday and Sunday before more snow moves in for Monday and New Years Day. Some rain may mix with tonight's snow along the 401 corridor. This will lower snow totals greatly.

Canada's Top ten weather Stories of 2007 are out
by Environment Canada. You can find them at

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fast moving weather pattern
A series of fast moving but somewhat potent weather systems is poised to affect the area for the next several days leading up to New Years Eve. The first is crossing our region today with a period of steady snow. From 5-15cm is expected across the Ottawa Valley and eastern Ontario till midnight or so. The snow is falling now and roads have become slippery and snow covered in most cases. Patchy freezing rain is also occurring along the 401 corridor.

The next system will arrive late in the day Friday and deposit another 10-15cm of snow in our region. The final system in the trio will arrive Monday just in time for New Years Eve. This one may have a little more energy associated with it and we will have to watch it closely.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Flash Freeze Warning

After a very mild day across Ontario and Quebec a powerful cold front is crossing the area. Temperatures are plummeting and are expected to fall to -4C by morning from highs of plus 5 to 7C. Roadways across southern Ontario are freezing up. Accompanying the drop is strong winds from the SW at 50-80km/h. A gust to 90km/h was recorded at Port Colborne in the last hour. Kemptville is plus 5 while Kingston is -2 and snowing at 9pm.

High Wind Warnings are posted for the entire region with Flash Freeze Warnings for Ontario. Travel with great care tonight or delay till tomorrow.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Thank You Vicki for creating this awesome
Cartoon version of me being me!

Vicki is an unbelievably talented Graphic Artist/Cartoonist
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Here comes the rain

While I believe our white Christmas is not in jeopardy plenty of rain and warmth is on the way for this weekend. A warm front will lift north of the area on Saturday setting the stage for strong southerly winds and some showers. Temperatures are expected to soar to the plus 5 to 9C range across the area by mid-morning Sunday. After that a strong cold front will push through the area late Sunday with a rapid temperature drop and heavy rain along the front. Any leftover precipitation will change to snow Sunday night and then taper to flurries. Icing of roads is possible Sunday night. Winds along and ahead of the front Sunday will be very strong out of the southwest up to 70km/h possible.

We can expect between 15-30mm of rain across our area with the potential for rapid snowmelt. I like to call it the Hair Dryer effect when strong south winds are blowing ahead of a cold front. Needless to say it is important that you clear rain gutters and sewers and perhaps take any snow SAFELY off your roof.

Beyond that Christmas looks seasonable with flurries, highs will be around -3 or -5C. Around the Great Lakes, on both sides of the border, there is the chance of lake effect snow Sunday night and Monday. Keep this in mind in your travels.

Thank you so much for reading this Blog all year long. I have had over 300 hits in the last week alone and it means so much to me. Be safe and have a Merry Christmas. And please be good to each other and slow down!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A change in the weather patterns

We are about to see some major changes in the weather pattern across eastern North America. It will become milder into the start of the New Year. First however we are in store for more snow. A clipper system moving from the central Great Lakes will bring 5-10cm of snow to most of the region with closer to 12cm east of Cornwall. Snow Advisories are in place for northern Vermont and NY. On the weekend another storm system will approach the lakes again and this time move west of our area. This will place our region in the warm sector eventually. Any snow or freezing rain will begin late Saturday and change to rain into Sunday.

It will be very mild from 4-6C on the weekend. It will cool again for Christmas with some flurries. I will post updates as the forecast becomes more clear.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Record Storm moves east

The massive winter storm that moved through Ontario yesterday is well east of our area this morning. It dumped an incredible 24 hour snowfall on the area including 50cm at Cornwall, 40cm at Kemptville and 37cm at Ottawa. Montreal had 30cm but it is still snowing and Toronto 18-25cm. Numerous flights are cancelled at Ottawa Airport still and school buses in the city are cancelled as well. There is no place to park downtown so leave your car at home if you can. Be safe on narrow streets as well.

One final note on the storm, it was well forecasted from start to end. That being said we may have another one planned for next weekend, but dig yourself out of this one first.

Once again praise to the crews that are working 24/7 to ensure our safety. In a month that has recorded almost 100cm of snow or more in some cases, that has been no easy task.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a quick update to 9pm. Still snowing in the area with several heavy bursts left to go. We currently have 38cm on the gound or a whopping 15 inches of snow...unreal! Drive safe.
4pm in Kemptville, ON.

33cm and counting...

Heavy snow and near zero visibility continues across the National Capital Region and North Grenville as a fierce winter storm hammers the area. 29cm has fallen in Ottawa, 32cm in Cornwall and 26cm in Toronto, strong winds continue to blow it all around and temperatures have been very cold with windchills approaching -25C. The snow is expected to continue for another 6 hours or so with 10-15cm more expected. Winds will be in the 40-60km/h range.

Travel is slow, but the plows continue to stay ahead of the storm. Some thunder and lightning has also been observed with the storm. Winter Storm Warnings remain posted for all areas for tonight. Only emergency travel is advised. 6000 customers in the Winchester area were without power but Hydro One had since restored service.

20cm and counting
Kemptville 1:30PM

We have surpassed 20cm in Kemptville at this hour and it continues to snow heavily with another 15cm expected. Winds are gusting to 35km/h in Kemptville and up close to 60km/h in Ottawa. Travel is not recommended on the 43, 416, 417 or 401. The OPP have reported near zero visibility on area highways, and travel is very poor.
The heavy snow has been accompanied by thunder and lightning in many areas including Montreal. Low pressure over Ohio will slide to the Atlantic coast today while intensifying. The snow and blowing snow will continue into the evening before diminishing. Total snowfall will be around 40cm.
This is Montreal Trudeau International... most flights are delayed or cancelled at this hour.

Kudos to the North Grenville public works....
8:45AM Update....

Very heavy snow is falling in Kemptville at the moment with visibility less than 1km. Winds are gusting to 30km/h causing blowing and drifting snow. Plowing operations are underway but with the heavy snow it may be difficult to keep up with the storm.

A few indicators are suggesting a little less in the final snowfall totals. This is typical with major storms where "dry slots" can work into the center of the system and lower totals. I still feel our area will have the heaviest accumulations in the 30-50cm range but surrounding areas may be lower. We will have to let the storm play itself out today. Needless to say it is a nasty to impossible travel day in the area.
Kemptville at 7am...

Storm begins
The snow has started across all regions this morning with the heaviest snow just working its way into Kemptville. The snow will become very heavy with bursts of between 2-5cm per hour expected. Thunder has been reported in southwestern Ontario and Michigan so it is not out of the question. Several centimetres has already fallen here and winds are gusting to 30km/h blowing it around and making the -15C seem much colder. Visibilities are down already to 2km at Montreal, 1km at Ottawa and 0.8km at Toronto. Travel is not advised today by the OPP. There is a statement from Environment Canada at this link, that says it all

The snow should remain quite intense through mid afternoon with visibilities often down to less than 1km in heavy snow and blowing snow. Winds will increase to 40-60km/h and gust to 80km/h along the St Lawrence River. Total snow amounts by the end of the storm I believe will be between 30-50cm.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow moves in overnight
OPP advise not to travel 401 as 60cm possible

A massive winter storm is on our doorstep at this hour. The snow will begin in Kemptville and eastern Ontario close to daybreak Sunday and spread north and east. It will rapidly become heavy and a record breaking snowfall is forecast. Environment Canada and the National Weather Service forecasters are calling for 40-60cm of snow in our area. It will fall fast and be blown around by very strong winds up to 80km/h. ALL travel should be avoided tomorrow.

It is possible that thunder will accompany the heavy bursts of snow at times. The entire area on both sides of the border is under a Winter Storm Warning. There are no easy places to travel tomorrow and I expect air travel will be greatly affected in most eastern cities from Chicago to New York to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. If this storm occurs as forecast it will be the most snow I have seen since the Blizzard of 1971 in Montreal that dropped 47cm in 24 hours. Stay tuned as this historic weather event continues to unfold. The links on the left are active and contain up to the minute conditions, warnings and radar.

Remember do not travel Sunday.
Storm could be historic in places
Winter Storm Warnings Posted...
Catchy title, it should be. Numerous indicators are suggesting one of the biggest storms in recent years. Computer models are showing between 30-50cm of snow for eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Winds will be a factor as well gusting between 40-70km/h and even as high as 80km/h along the north shore of Lake Ontario. The snow will nudge into Eastern Ontario overnight tonight and last till late Sunday. It will be a very dry snow and easily blown around. There are even some suggestions that a lightning strike or rumble of thunder is not out of the question in the heaviest snow bands.

It is essential that you cancel travel plans tomorrow across Ontario, Quebec and New York/New England on Sunday. The most recent forecast path has the storm moving across southern New England, and introducing a little warm air in places along the St. Lawrence River with some sleet mixing in. Sleet could lower the snow totals.

I will post the next update close to 5pm and again around 11pm tonight

Friday, December 14, 2007

BIG Winter storm on the way

Winter Storm Watches and Warnings are flying across the entire region tonight as a potent storm takes place over Texas. The storm is expected to move towards Lake Ontario and spawn a second low pressure area along the Atlantic coast. With all the parameters in place including a powerful jet stream, it appears we are in for a doozie of a storm. Snow totals are forecast to be in the 25-50cm range across the entire area with 25 plus cm in Kemptville. In addition to the snow, winds are expected to gust between 40-70km/h on Sunday night. Temperatures will be very cold during the event and the snow will be dry and easily blown around.

Numerous agencies on both sides of the border are not recommending any travel Sunday and Sunday night. The snow is expected to begin in the pre-dawn hours Sunday.

Tonight gusty northwest winds have iced up roads, caused blowing snow and dropped the temperature in Kemptville from plus 1C at 2pm to -11C at 7pm.

Major storm for
Ontario & Quebec this weekend

Making plans this weekend? Have them completed by Saturday night because Sunday will be a stay at home day. A major winter storm is taking shape in the southern US plains with all the ingredients present for a powerful east coast storm. The low pressure will develop today over Texas and move to Pittsburgh by midday Saturday. A secondary low will develop along the middle Atlantic coast and become a strong Nor'Easter on Sunday. The combination of these two low pressure areas will produce heavy snow across all of eastern Ontario and Quebec, New England and New York and Atlantic Canada. Current indications suggest 25cm or 10 inches for all areas. Maybe even more here in the east. With the snow will be cold temperatures and gusty winds over 30km/h.

Winter Storm Watches are already in place for New York State and parts of Ontario. I expect these to be extended into our area by tonight or early Saturday.

Again tomorrow is the day for travel....Sunday will be a NO TRAVEL day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Active weather pattern

The very active weather of the past week will continue into the weekend. A frontal system just south of the Great Lakes has been the axis for several winter storms. The latest storm dumped about 12cm of wet snow on Kemptville overnight. We now have around 20cm on the ground from the storms of the last three weeks. Another shot of light snow is possible tomorrow afternoon.

We then have to turn our attention to a potential major storm for the weekend. Low pressure is expected to take shape over Texas on the weekend and race towards the middle Atlantic sates. it will then move up the eastern seaboard towards Atlantic Canada and become very intense. It is way out there in weather world, but it could affect eastern Ontario. If it does, we would be on the extreme western edge of the storm and could expect no more than 15cm. But it is too far out to get into details. Stay tuned.
A couple of parting notes:
• Post Tropical Storm Olga is affecting the Caribbean and is expected to cross Cuba with heavy rains.
• The ice storm in the Midwest US had now been blamed for 24 deaths. Hard hit Oklahoma still has 600,000 residents without power.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10-15cm for North Grenville

The snow has started over eastern Ontario at 2pm and should continue until about midnight. We can expect between 10-15cm of snow in Kemptville. While Environment Canada has not issued any warnings, the driving should still be nasty. Roads are already snow covered and slippery. To the southwest over Lake Ontario, some rain and freezing rain is mixing in as well. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for upstate New York and a Special Weather Statement has been issued for our region.

Monday, December 10, 2007

AP photo of ice storm across the US Midwest yesterday. 6 deaths were reported with hundreds of flights cancelled at airports in Chicago.

More snow!

It will be a very unsettled week in the region with snow Tuesday afternoon till midnight from an Alberta Clipper and then again on Thursday. The system on Tuesday will bring 5-10cm to the valleys with as much as 15cm over higher terrain. The system later in the week may be a little more intense, but it will also have warmer air with it so freezing precipitation is possible. I will post updates on that later.

Our first concern is the 5-10cm falling tomorrow between 1pm and midnight in the region.
Plan your travel accordingly.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Please take time to remember the events of December 6, 1989
and lets all help to end violence against women.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow everywhere!

The snow finally stopped this morning in Kemptville
after about 36 hours or so. Around 27cm fell in all.
The roads are improving today thanks to the
hard work of North Grenville Township and
Leeds & Grenville County employees.
As you can see by the bottom picture of our work truck, which
I have to clean out, there is still mounds of it left.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The North Grenville Public Works Department were kept busy today.
Storm Update...
Snow continues to fall across North Grenville and east into Montreal. The snow should taper off overnight with just a few more centimetres expected in our area.
Here are some preliminary totals:

Kemptville: 20cm
Ottawa: 25cm
Montreal: 30cm

I will have more totals and an update tomorrow morning.

The main storm center has slid into western Quebec. A very low barometric pressure reading of 993 millibars was recorded in Kemptville at 8am today when the center of the low was just south of us in Upstate New York. It began to loose strength shortly after that. Roads remain snow covered and slippery, and 30km/h northwest winds are causing some blowing snow.

Sleet and snow dump 10cm on Kemptville so far
ALL Buses cancelled for Lanark, Leeds & Grenville

The snow and sleet started in Kemptville around 10pm last night. As I expected the heavy compacting sleet kept snow totals down, but we have an impressive 10cm on the ground. It would be more in the 15cm range had the sleet not occurred. Most weather offices on both sides of the border are scaling back on the forecast snow amounts as the main low begins to transition its energy to a developing storm on the east coast. A good bet is 15-25cm by the end of the day for all areas.

Blah bah blah what this all means is that the heaviest snow for Kemptville is past for the moment. It will remain quite heavy in Ottawa and Montreal for several hours still. Another swath of snow will accompany the back side of the storm as it moves through later today. The winds will also become a factor increasing from the northwest and gusting to 50km/h.

In addition snow squalls will develop around the lakes and some of these could affect eastern Ontario with brief bursts of heavy snow. To summarize it is not the end of the world, but it will be a nasty day on the roads, with gusty winds, varying degrees of snow falling from Kemptville in all directions and snow covered roads.

ALL school buses have been cancelled for Lanark, Leeds & Grenville, Ottawa and SD&G.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

7pm Storm Update...

Winter Storm Warnings remain posted for Eastern Ontario, including Lanark, Leeds & Grenville, the Ottawa Capital District and Stormont Dundas & Glengarry counties. Warnings are also in effect for southern Quebec. Heavy snow and blowing snow is on our doorstep as the bulk of the low pressure area begins to slide east across upstate NY. Areas along the north shore of Lake Ontario and Erie will expect freezing rain and rain tonight before changing back to flurries Monday.

In Kemptville today we have had only flurries north of the warm front extending from the main storm center. Snowfall amounts by the end of the storm will be close to 35cm in Montreal and Ottawa with less - around 20cm in Kemptville and along the Seaway due to mixing of freezing rain. In all areas winds will be 30-50km/h out of the east tonight and then back around to the northwest 30-60km/h on Monday.

Travel will be very poor Monday so allow extra time in all our forecast regions OR delay your plans to Tuesday when conditions should improve greatly.

The next update will be later this evening followed by a complete update by 6am Monday morning...
Iowa interstate on Saturday

Travel very poor in Ontario
The winter storm has now begun over most of southern and eastern Ontario and will slide into Quebec later today. It is not snowing yet in Kemptville at this hour. Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for all of Eastern Ontario, Southern Quebec and upstate New York. Forecast amounts through Sunday night will be in the 5-10cm range in our area with 20-30cm by evening Monday. I believe the amount in Kemptville will be around 20cm with several hours of sleet mixing in to bring down the snow totals.
Winds will be a factor as well gusting between 30-50km/h first from the east and then backing to the northwest on Monday. They may even gust to 70km/h along the Great Lakes and Seaway on Monday.
Needless to say all this will make for very slow and poor travel today and Monday. If you can do so delay travel plans in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec today. The storm has already slowed travel across the US Midwest from Nebraska north into Minnesota and east across Michigan and into Southern Ontario. The snow will change to rain south of a line from Kingston to Windsor today.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Winter Storm Warning

A major winter storm is on tap for our area on Sunday and Monday. A strong low pressure area will move from Kansas towards the Great Lakes tonight and east across New York State on Sunday. This system will result in heavy snow overspreading the area Sunday from west to east. Some mixing of sleet or freezing rain may occur late Sunday. By the time precipitation ends on Monday close to 30cm of snow and sleet is expected in Montreal, Ottawa and close to 25cm in Kemptville.

Winter Storm Watches have been posted for Kemptville, with a Heavy Snow Warning for Montreal. All areas of New York and Vermont are under warnings as is southern and western Ontario. Travel is not recommended tomorrow afternoon and night along the 401 and 416 corridors as well as southwest Quebec highways.

Next update by 8am Sunday....

Winter Storm Update

Issued 8AM Saturday December 1

The much talked about winter storm is on our radar this Saturday morning. Today is a great day to get everything done you need to do. Tomorrow will be a very different story across Ontario and New York and into Quebec by Monday. A Colorado low is developing and is expected to move towards Toronto by late Sunday. Very cold air is in place across Eastern Ontario and Quebec this morning. This cold air will not be displaced easily. It appears that precipitation from the storm will begin overrunning the area after lunch on Sunday. The snow will become heavy and last into Monday. While 10cm is the official forecast, 25cm or 10 inches is not out of the question for Kemptville and Montreal.

Winter Storm Watches are in effect for southern Ontario and all of New York and Vermont. They will be extended later today into eastern Ontario as the track of the storm becomes more defined.

The next update will be around 4pm today....The links at the left are always active. If the link is red or "severe" a warning is in place, click on the link to read the warning.